The objectives of property valuation

Property valuation

A professional Gold Coast Property Valuer is always guided by a specific goal in his activities. Typically, the purpose of an assessment is to determine any estimated value that the client needs to make a decision.

Various parties are interested in conducting appraisal work: from government agencies to private individuals; Audit authorities, management structures, credit organizations, private business owners, investors, etc. may be interested in property valuation.

Parties interested in conducting appraisal work, seeking to realize their economic interests, determine the objectives of the appraisal. Property valuation is carried out in order to: increasing the efficiency of the current management of the enterprise, firm; determining the value of securities in the case of the sale of shares of enterprises in the stock market.

To make an informed investment decision, it is necessary to assess the ownership of the enterprise and the share of this property attributable to the acquired shareholding, as well as possible future business income; determination of the value of the enterprise in case of its sale in whole or in part.

When the owner of the enterprise decides to sell his business or when one of the members of the partnership intends to sell his share, it becomes necessary to determine the market value of the enterprise or part of its assets.

objectives of property valuation

Gold Coast Property Valuer

In a market economy, it is often necessary to evaluate an enterprise in order to sign an agreement establishing shares of co-owners in case of termination of the agreement or the death of one of the partners; enterprise restructuring.

The liquidation of an enterprise, merger, acquisition or spin-off of independent enterprises from the holding company involves a property valuation, since it is necessary to determine the purchase or repurchase price of shares, conversions, the amount of premium paid to the shareholders of the acquired company; development of an enterprise development plan.

In the process of strategic planning, it is important to evaluate the future earnings of the company, its degree of stability and the value of the image; determination of the creditworthiness of the enterprise and the value of collateral for lending.

In this case, property valuation is required due to the fact that the value of assets in the financial statements may differ sharply from their market value. insurance, during which there is a need to determine the value of assets in anticipation of losses; taxation.

When determining the tax base it is necessary to conduct an objective assessment of the enterprise; making informed management decisions. Inflation distorts the financial statements of the enterprise, therefore, periodic property valuation by independent Gold Coast Property Valuers can improve the realism of financial statements, which is the basis for financial decisions; implementation of an investment project for business development.

In this case, to justify it, it is necessary to know the initial cost of the enterprise as a whole, its own capital, assets, and business.

If the object of the transaction of purchase and sale, lending, insurance, leasing or leasing, making a share is any element of the property of the enterprise, as well as if property tax, etc. is determined, then the necessary object, for example real estate, machinery and equipment, is evaluated separately. , intangible assets.

Property valuation of an enterprise is carried out in the following cases:

Sales of some part of real estate for one reason or another: to get rid of unused land, buildings, structures; pay off creditors in case of insolvency; to pay partners in case of damage to them in accordance with a court decision, etc.

Obtaining a loan secured by part of the property; real estate insurance and determination in this regard of the value of the insured property; rental property; determining the tax base for calculating property tax; registration of a part of real estate as a contribution to the authorized capital of another newly created enterprise.

Assessments when developing a business plan for the implementation of any investment project; property valuation as an intermediate stage in the overall property valuation using the cost approach.